Readings and Poems

Many people have a favourite piece of poetry or prose that they would have liked to have shared with others, or maybe you or your loved ones have a particular quote, saying or poem that is a fitting tribute to the dearly departed.

This can be incorporated into the service and you can elect to read this to those friends and family during the service. Or perhaps there is another person who would like to do this. If so then I will ensure this takes place at an appropriate juncture in the funeral service.

If you prefer, I can carry out the reading on your behalf, or, provide a reading or poem that I believe is suitable for the ceremony. It is also possible for you to have your own unique poem written especially around your loved one. Please feel free to ask me about this if you prefer. There is an example below created for such an occasion by my husband.

If you would like to give this some thought, we can then discuss this in more detail at our initial meeting as part of the process of creating your unique personal funeral service.


In The Quiet Moments

It is in the quiet of the evening as the day draws to a close,

We listened to our music in a peaceful, soft repose

The strings and woodwind pacified, the stresses of the day

And took us to a place we know that’s never far away

Our music is a constant gift, to draw on as we need

It gives us balming for the soul, as tensions thus recede

To share this lovely music in the journey we call life

It makes me love and cherish so, the one I call my wife

Now I have reached my journeys end, and parting yet we must

But knowing still the music thrives, enables me to trust

That when you need to think of me and the times we spent just so

I know that in my heart of hearts, you’ll never let me go.


Copyright © Colin Richard Smith


Sue Smith


N.O.C.N. (Dip)