Readings and Poems


Many people have a favourite piece of poetry or prose that they would have liked to share with others, or maybe you or your loved ones have a favourite passage from a book that is a fitting tribute to the dearly departed.

This can be incorporated into the eulogy and you can elect to read this to those friends and family during the service. Or perhaps there is another person who would like to do this. If so then I will ensure this takes place at an appropriate juncture in the funeral service.

If you prefer, I can carry out the reading on your behalf, or, provide a reading or poem that I believe is suitable for the ceremony. It is also possible for you to have your own unique poem written especially around your loved one. Please feel free to ask me about this if you prefer.

If you would like to give this some thought, we can then discuss this in more detail at our initial meeting as part of the process of creating your unique personal funeral service.

Different Memories

“Shaping future memories, takes on a different hue,
Remembering the good times, the laughter, love so true,
Keep those precious, in a place that you can go,
When the grief is overwhelming, as you find it hard and so

Take that snatch of song, that fragrance, of a flower in the park
And keep that candle burning of my memory in your heart,
On those dark days, and those wild days, when the world is passing by
Take that candle out and light it, for I’ll watch over you and try

To help that light shine brighter, pushing shadows far away
Be strong on anniversaries, on birthdays, and on other special days
We can always have our memories, and recall them in a while
As we take new steps and cherish, each day greeted with a smile

Keep my love strong, keep it close, and let it comfort you
As shaping future memories takes on a different hue,
Turn to those around you, speak my name, and you will find,
Those moments will stay precious, and be forever in your mind ”
C R Smith