Music can be such an important part of our lives, and a brief lyric or even a few notes from a long forgotten melody can trigger memories from a certain time period that your loved one held so dear.

I can incorporate a song or a select passage of music that you would like to include into the funeralĀ service. You may wish to include a favourite hymn that you know is appropriate.

The music can be chosen from a series of pre-selected popular tunes, or sourced (if available online) to be added specifically to your service. If you prefer, then an organist can play your selected music.

MusicĀ usually features in the service at the arrival of the funeral party and at the conclusion of the service to accompany the exit of you and your loved ones.

During the tribute additional music can feature, be it classical, contemporary or religious as you prefer, the choice is entirely yours. You can select a mix of genres and styles, I will guide you through this process.

This can be discussed in more detail at our initialĀ meeting.

Sue Smith


N.O.C.N. (Dip)