A personal eulogy is in effect a tribute or commemoration of a loved one’s life, and should be created around the milestones, achievements, anecdotes and memories of that person, for you, as someone very dear to the deceased. Whether their life was lived fully in North Devon or elsewhere, there are certain places in one’s life that evoke special memories that can be remembered through a fitting eulogy.

It is the cornerstone of the service, and I will always deliver for you a unique, personalised and memorable eulogy, with the detail that you, your family, have provided to me. I will gather your memories together, and write the tribute in a manner that I believe most accurately depicts the essence of your loved one. The goal is to build a record of the person that they would have been proud of, and to share this with all those attending the celebration of your loved one’s life.

It is not always easy to ask those closest to the person whose tribute I am writing for a full and complete picture.  This can be difficult in everyday circumstances, and whilst recalling some details may be painful, it may also be uplifting to reflect upon those special moments. Think of those people that cherished the love and friendship of your recently departed family member, be it spouse, parent, child or sibling and those moments that shine brightly in the memory.

My role in all of this is to help and guide, and where appropriate, give advice on how best I can help you to create a fitting testament to the life and love you have experienced, and to deliver this for you on the day of the funeral service. Remember, it is your service, created from your memories and wishes, and you can rest assured that you will be able to reflect back on the celebration later with fond memories.

Sue Smith


N.O.C.N. (Dip)